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Welcome to the SICSAG website


Welcome to the SICSAG website.

Critical Care underpins emergency and elective work in all acute hospitals.  Annually, more than 35,000 of the most severely ill or injured patients require specialist care and treatment in Scottish Critical Care Units.  

SICSAG’s aim is to improve the quality of care delivered to these patients by monitoring and comparing activities and outcomes across Scottish Critical Care. We intend to drive standards and quality of care upward by providing information that clinical staff can use in quality improvement programmes,  service planning and research.

Critical Care faces challenges in the coming years with reduced public spending and projected increased demands on services by an ageing population. The information and data from this national database remains vital to meet the needs of the Scottish population.

What’s New in SICSAG?.

SICSAG Spring Meeting 2018 - date and venue to follow.

SICSAG Annual Report
Audit of Critical Care in Scotland 2017, reporting on 2016 [3.5MB]
published Tuesday 08 August.